The Feet

There’s nothing wrong with the feet of a man who’d rather walk toward danger than safety. The pursuit of a life well-lived, filled with thrill, is the most fruitful thing we can do for ourselves. When the time comes, and our number is called to check into heaven, we’re only left with the experiences we’ve filled our lives with. How many of those experiences can you have by repeatedly playing it safe, taking the short time we have too seriously?

Dangerously unfamiliar situations lead to the most growth. Those unfamiliar situations force us to grow and adapt. Essentially adding content to our life’s story, new plot threads, characters, and settings. If life is a blank canvas, we are the artist and what we do with that blank canvas is entirely subjective. Will you just pick up a color or two and fill it with mundane lines, or combine the many colors available and make the most beautiful masterpiece? The funny thing about paintings, however, is that you can rarely tell what the artist is creating until he’s done. So when people crinkle their eyebrows at the various strokes you make throughout the process, pay them no mind, this is your masterpiece, and you’re not finished with it yet. When you mix completely diverse colors, do it in complete confidence.

Challenge norms. Create intriguing spectacles.

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