The Bar

In a single smooth action it was all gone. The last 7 months of his life, all gone. Time, nothing he could ever get back, all spent in one place; her presence. She expressed she wanted nothing to do with the club that night, he insisted though. Noob move. Happy wife happy life, we’re all taught that, he should’ve lived by it.

It wasn’t completely his fault, I have to take responsibility somewhere. I’ll take it in the area of interaction where I decided to act on that smirk she was giving me. I usually don’t give in to such masculine amusing tactics, such as rubbing my chest and laughing at all my dumb jokes, but tonight was different. I was already faded thanks to my love of the substances, that beautiful green herb the earth gifted us with. It was the best strain of weed i’d smoked in awhile, and i was basking in the effects comfortably. Hadn’t smoked in the last 3 months, so my tolerance was about as low as your chance of finding love in college. That didn’t help. Her legs, toned; smile, bright; laugh, sexy; mind, deep; hair, blonde; body, tight. None of those things helped either. Just a guy with a fucked past of bad mistakes, and a beautiful girl staring me right in my face. Another fucked up situation i find myself in, magnificent.

Boyfriend, occupied, she pulled me onto the dance floor. I tried to plead, but her mind was made up, she wanted to explore more of what i had to offer. Two stepping wasn’t really my thing, but my enthusiasm throughout the whole ordeal got me more brownie points than i deserved. I’ll take it. Every misstep, she laughed, genuinely in the way you laugh with your heart and your eyes. There was passion, but more importantly chemistry.

Then the idiot of a man came through and decided it was a good idea to drag what he thought was his, outside to the bar’s patio.

Way to fuck up a moment, huh. A moment i didn’t deserve, anyway, but a moment he would’ve had, hadn’t he been groping up Sally May at the pool tables. He gave me a beautiful snarl for the cherry on top of that shitty rescue operation he was leading. He was trying to rescue his relationship, smart, any man would.

Once he pulled her far enough away out onto the patio, an attempt at couples therapy began, between two people who had no business being in a relationship. Insecure, he went back and forth with his girl over what I assume was me. Every few words he’d glance in my direction and point. Arms crossed, she subconsciously defended her body, she knew she was wrong. She was very self aware. But, a quick fuck you pushed him to leave the patio and come in my direction. Ready for something, I stood up smirking. My homies were with me. I treated them well, we were brothers, so if anything went down they had my back. They stood up next, all 5 of us, I stepped forward. He stopped. Surveyed the field, weighed his options, and outside of his right mind, under the influence, he managed to make the right decision, miraculously. Good for him. “Stay away from my girl” was all he uttered and left the bar. She stayed. I guess he half made the right move, after all.

No way back, I insisted on being her chariot for the night, like a good guy should. Rapid texts from prince not-so-charming, she didn’t wanna go back to her dorm, so she chose to book a night at mine. Fine by me.

We’d had a class together, she always sat by me. Flirting back and forth was fun, but she was untouchable in my book. I like to respect relationships. It’s my favorite hobby. So, I was always “busy” when the textual invitation for me to come over to her dorm reached my phone.

I still somehow managed to upset every girl’s boyfriend, because of how much girls liked being around me. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna hear about a guy 24/7 and see how well he is with women in person either. That’s a recipe for an explosion if you’re insecure, and I hate to break it to you, but a lot of men are.

We made it to the dormitory in one piece. She was drunk, and I was faded. I told her I couldn’t do anything with her, because of her relationship. In one ear and out the other. They were gonna break up anyway, is what she told me. All the not so right things he’d done or said to her, followed that statement. Before I could make an educated calculation on what to do next, she decided for me. Locked lips, free roaming hands, she showed me her desires lied somewhere else, at least for the night. Turned all my alarms off after we finished our sport of choice. No fucking way i was waking up for my 5am run. After all, a 3am bedtime isn’t a willing partner for an early workout.

Plan was to wake up around 6, that’s proper evacuation time around these parts.

I rose at 6am, as planned, with the hopes of getting her out of the dorm. It’s about the time all the athletes are in the beginning or the middle of their morning workouts, and before anyone is walking to the cafe for breakfast, since that didn’t open until 7. But, nothing ever goes as planned, huh? Rhetorical question. As we let the door to my dorm shut behind us, a football player is walking right by us grinning at me. He was one of my acquaintances and he had a good idea what had transpired the night before. Shit. She’d been dating a guy for 7 months at this point so, it was in our best interest no one saw us. Looks like we failed.

Out the backdoor, she journeyed to her room. I’d always been attracted to her, but never made a move of any sort, because I wouldn’t want anybody to do that to my girlfriend, if I were her boyfriend. After last night, I lost all attraction. Loyalty was big to me, although I had no ties to her boyfriend, she did. He put his trust in her and we violated it.

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