That Person

Made it out of the 24 hours without uttering a single word to one another, insane right? There was a time where we had no idea who the other was, no need to wish each other a good morning at the start of our day or a heartfelt goodnight at the end of it — neither one of us existed in the other’s life at the time. Neither one of us wants to picture that world anymore. Before now that was okay, because we hadn’t yet lived in a world where we both shared time together, but now that we had, neither one of us wanted to go back.

The time came that we crossed paths and for that stint we were the only thing occupying the other’s mind. How poetic, right? The sort of thing you see in a movie, maybe a well written show, maybe your life depends on how you live it and certain scenarios like this could be obtained if you lived it unapologetically. Or maybe some of us stumble into something like this. The lucky few. Stumbling into the majestic fog of love that gets cast over your eyes when you meet someone you just click so well with. The most mundane things build the deepest emotions between the two of you, the little thing they did in the store that one day sticks in your mind. You don’t know why, but you know when they did it you realized how much different from the other people you’ve been with they actually were, maybe it wasn’t what they did that sticks in your mind, but what clicked in your mind when they did it. The moment their value to you and your life was completely realized. The moment you realized that you didn’t wanna live in a world where y’all didn’t have the relationship that y’all have.

Then that world came, and the initial sting of that world was seemingly too much to handle. However, you got through.

Stronger, much more emotionally intact. Coming out of the other side rising like a phoenix, shedding the emotional scabs left behind, and looking back triumphantly from how far you’ve come. Exuding extreme confidence in anything life chose to throw your way in the future. You’re not broken, you’ve evolved. You’ve grown more firm in the places you were a little weaker, more wise in the places you had a surplus of ignorance, and patient in the places you weren’t. Like the rose that grew from the concrete, you defied the odds you thought you’d never make it to the other side of. And that person, the one who was the only thing you could think about at a moment in time is now somewhere else with someone else, but so are you.

Is the grass greener?

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