You ever listened to a song, and the way it’s making you feel, the vibe, the lyrics, the artist’s voice; makes you think of someone or something? Someplace y’all went to alot, or some memory y’all shared. Then that leads you down a road of reminiscence and you’re sitting there, wherever you are ambushed by emotions for someone you forgot you had. Strong emotions, filling the place you were doing whatever you were doing in. Your hand starts to itch a bit, your phone pulls your attention, the idea of whether or not y’all still follow each other on social media comes next, followed by the question of whether you still have their number. If or if this isn’t a good idea, who knows? However you don’t do it and you go back to what you were doing. Writing, or reading, playing the game maybe when that song came up and brought unsolicited emotions.

You ever had it happen, but instead it brought you to sit there arrested in thought about the person you’re with at the moment. All their little habits, mannerisms, words pop up one by one in your head. Leading you down a river of affection for one person, and one person only. All the things they do and have done for you, make your heart smile a little bit. The way they make you feel comes strongest. That’s the most important thing anyway, right? The way someone makes you feel, and if it’s good keep ’em around. Regardless of outside expectations, likes or dislikes. You stay with that person because nothing else matters when you’re with that person. Or so that’s how you feel when you’re with that person.

Music, can be a beautiful thing. But, sometimes the only thing that makes us who we are, are the things we leave behind. The people, places, memories, secrets; you know. The things that make us who we are. The things we find ourselves lost in thought within every now and then.

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