A Life without Love

What kind of life is a life without love? A plethora of endless nights with pointless pussy. A plethora of sleepless nights in a field that brings finance and agony. A plethora of days with superficial fulfillment.

Days best spent in the center of society, aiding the machine. Crushing dreams and crowning fake kings. Falsifying what greatness, success, and happiness may be. Failing to realize those terms are defined by the very people looking up towards someone else for the answer.

How we have failed the meritocracy we aimed to build. Gentrifying creativity and amplifying passivity. Manufacturing drones and laying-off the unique & original. How far are we? Is there room to recover?

The world of academia promising hopes, but following through like a dead-beat father. Mother nature trying her best to live on and produce something worthy of witnessing. Her children laying waste to her majestic beauty. How awful and disrespectful. But how could we do better?

Taught no good by those before us, learned behaviors we lean on. Habitually doing the minimum, displaying selfishness and carelessness. The very few crying for better execution of the reservation of our earth, overwhelmed and ignored.

A life without love is a life not worth living. No stories to tell, no adventures so dire you couldn’t see success with a telescope. No stories filled with passion and fire. The passion and fire that makes the people listening wish they could have been there. The days have blended together, your last year was a twin of the year before.

No exploration, no risks, no chances taken. No girls in the bar approached, no dreams followed. Comfort and passivity were the two defining words of your new years plan in retrospect. Little growth, even smaller depth. Doing what you love has become an after thought, and for the very few who do, complacency has replaced the hunger for constant growth & progress. The smallest majority know the love of our lives come in many forms and categories.

The person who brings the brightest light to our days, replacing the sun. The thing that lights a fire in our souls. The activity that takes us to a state of no thought, just reaction, as if we were born to do it. Love will take you far away, to a place of utter depth. Within yourself, your soul, your heart, your mind.

A beautiful thing to see, a life with love.

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