10 Minutes or 10 Years

Updated: Jan 10

A single note sounded in the night, it rang out from the angelic choir of mother nature’s church, the waves seemed to be. It was always a sight for sore eyes, in her white dress walking the shore line, mimicking the closest thing to an angel any human could get. So majestic in movement, with the mesmerizing chaos of the crashing waves surrounding her beauty, she was the calm in the center of any storm. Her eyes seemed to drift you into a different world upon gaze. With no way to react in a timely matter, no one could help but fall in love with her, whether it be for 10 minutes or 10 years.

The angelic crash of the waves, set an ambiance to the mood that an Alan Watts voice over’d meditation practice couldn’t match. The orange-ish gleam of the flames brought the beautiful features of her face into my line of sight. Her presence was my present for the night, and every single previous night of our relationship that I’d ever need. Like those waves in the ocean, she often told me that my words would carry her emotions down the shore line of love in the most tender of fashions. Who knew, I was such a formidable wordsmith.

After a 5-day period where she lost her father, was one of many victims in her classroom with a poor test score and her favorite to win the bachelor got shipped off, I figured a late night picnic on the beach would suffice. Nothing to mask the pain of all those things, but rather an escape from reality with an ear to borrow and a shoulder to rest her head on. My time was the least I could offer, but my heart was hers to run to whenever necessary.

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